10 Planning Essentials

So you're engaged, congratulations! Now there's the little matter of planning the wedding. With a few quick keystrokes inputed into a search engine you can find inspiration and tips on nearly every wedding detail from venues and photographers to seating charts and eating utensils. But what about the wedding planning itself? We've put together a list of ten awesome items that will help you get through the process and smooth out some of the rough edges.

1. #butfirstcoffee. Some days--especially those right after a late night scouring the internet for the perfect shade of white for your dress--might seem like they are solely fueled on caffeine. Might as well make it a tasty cup with expertly roasted beans from Stumptown. If you're not sure what kind of coffee you're into, try the Stumptown Blend Trio ($35) to sample some of their finest signature roasts.

2. Positive daily affirmations are said to reduce stress levels and generally improve self confidence. This kikki.K Kontrast Mug ($15) is sure to keep you optimistic from the get-go. Stay yay all day.

3. While there technically is an "I" in "wedding," there are a lot of people that help you out along the way. From vendors to gracious wedding guests, thank them with a hand-written note on a Letterpress Made Feather Note Stationery set ($13).

4. There are a lot of musings, ideas, inspiration, and notes that need to be saved for later when you're in the midst of wedding planning. A trusty notebook like this leatherette Kate Spade Take Note If I Do Say So Myself Large Notebook ($22) will be your go-to for anything you might need to remember or sketch out until you say "I do."

5. Colorful or patterned Washi tape (various) takes planner organization to a new level. Due dates, appointments, and tasks can be quickly identified at a glance and switching them from one day to another is a breeze.

6. Colored pens are another great way to keep your organization game strong. We love LePen Neon Pens (available at Paper Source, $7 for set of 4) for their smooth writing and popping hues.

7. Your friends and co-workers will probably, and maybe frequently, ask "How's the wedding planning going?" Say no more and simply hold up this "I am very busy" ban.dō iPhone case ($20) and they'll get the picture.

8. Having a small pencil case to use as a catch-all can come in really handy. Use it to store pens, washi tape, and/or receipts. We love this handmade Zipper pouch ($20) by Apple White for its fun pattern and superb craftsmanship.

9. Everyone searches for that perfect to-do app. There are hundreds of them out there so how do you know which is the best? Take it from us, the TeuxDeux app ($3/month or $24/year) by swissmiss is the end-all-be-all. We're huge fans--and avid users--of this one because of its simplicity. Add items to your day (including days or weeks ahead) and simply tap them to cross them out once they are completed. Anything you didn't get to is automatically carried over to the next day. You can also create additional lists for things you might want to get to in the future; expert mode tip: you can also use this feature to make shopping lists.

10. Just like the beauty of TeuxDeux lies in its simplicity, so does the Medium or Large Monthly Planner by JSTORY (available at MochiThings, $7-$13). Lots of planners out there come with endless tabs and sections, which can actually turn out to be overwhelming. Here, each page spread contains a monthly calendar with space on the end for notes and large boxes for each day--with 13 spreads in all you will be ready to tackle an entire year's worth of planning. This is where your washi tape and colored pens come into play. It's easy to see upcoming deadlines or move items day to day or month to month.

Not planning a wedding but know someone who is? These make great gifts--you might even score an extra piece of cake at the wedding!