Wedsites: 5 Best Site Builders For Your Big Day

People, we are in the digital age. You can find info about anything at anytime, anywhere and the faster you get your answer the happier you are. Gone are the days when a wedding invitation was the end-all/be-all for wedding deets. Through the power and magic of the internet you can tell folks where to be, when to be there, what to wear, have them RSVP, provide a list local attractions, child care... and the list goes on and on. But what are the best wedding website builders to transmit all this knowledge to your guests? Glad you asked. Here is a list of our 5 favorite “wedsites” where we give you a rundown of features, usability, and price.


BEST FOR: Everyone. It's awesome.
VERDICT: Hands down, this is our favorite service. Not only do you get a website--which is mobile ready, to boot--but you actually get an app making it even easier for guests to access information when the need arises. It includes a plethora of sharing features, push notifications, is free to download for guests, and you can change designs at any time. Plus, using the in-app point and shoot feature allows you and your guests to upload and share photos on your site in real-time. Overall, the themes look nice, it has a ton of fun features, and the price is just right. [ go to Appy Couple]
PRICE: one-time fee of $39 or $69
SCORE: 9/10

BEST FOR: The conscious design coordinator.
VERDICT: The biggest draw we found is the opportunity to create an entirely tied-together look by ordering matching inviations. With over 100 designs and themes to choose from it will have something for everyone. Set up a site for free and get some great features like the ability for your guests to RSVP, registry links, maps and directions, etc. For an additional, one-time fee you will also receive a custom URL--which makes it a lot easier for guests to remember where to look up info online--as well as a the option to password protect your site for your guests’ eyes only (great if you’re offering hotel discount codes and the like. that you don’t want the world knowing about). [go to Minted]
PRICE: free or $35 one-time fee
SCORE: 8.5/10

BEST FOR: Those who like a unique scrolling experience.
VERDICT: Rich, modern websites are the name of the game at Riley & Grey. Our only qualm is the high price point. They do, however, pride themselves on their customer service which can be worth its weight in gold if you know what it’s like to be in troubleshooting hot water. They include a lot of the typical wedding website features and, like Minted, can offer you matching invitations (through a third party). They also offer Instagram integration which makes for a very pretty online photo gallery. Plus, uniquely, Riley & Grey make note of their ability to accomodate cultural traditions and re-wording if your wedding isn’t typically-American. [go to Riley & Grey]
PRICE: $35/month or $240/year
SCORE: 8/10


BEST FOR: The strictly-budgeted.
VERDICT: The themes on The Knot have come a long way over the last few years. That might be partially because they're pulling designs from sources like Minted, Rifle Paper Co., and others all in one place. Your website will never look as flashy as on Riley & Grey or even SquareSpace, but it’s FREE and for a budget concious couple that is the main selling point. Plus, it’s nice that their site is linked with the rest of your Knot account making adding registries hassle-free. [go to The Knot]
PRICE: free
SCORE: 8/10

BEST FOR: The web-designer wannabe.
VERDICT: Beautiful websites and a fairly simple back-end are the reason SquareSpace is on here. Plus we know firsthand that they have some great people working in their support department. However, we stress that SquareSpace is probably for someone who has some semblance of what they’re doing in terms of website design. Themes are simple and elegant, but you can screw them up aesthetically if you just start picking typefaces and dropping random stuff in page layouts. The best way to get features some of the other wedding site services have (like an RSVP) is by creating a form. While creating a form is simple, you may not think of these kinds of solutions if you have absolutely no exeprience with actually building a website. This is for the more technologically savvy bride or groom. [go to SquareSpace]
PRICE: $12/month or $96/year
SCORE: 7.5/10

There are dozens of other services out there aside from these five. However, as advocates of quality design... well, it’s one area we’re not willing to compromise too much on and these sites top out our list of nice-looking themes. In the end, our number one pick is Appy Couple because there seriously is an app for everything. Their services makes for a very rich and integrated wedding planning experience. However, the other four contenders are right up there with them as we think you can’t go wrong with anyone on our list. Happy building!