Round-up: Have Your Cake

Pretty much any wedding you go to these days will have a wedding cake. And, sad but true, if you’re the bride and groom you’ll be lucky to eat any of it. Regardless of whether you get to have a taste or not, you still want the dessert to be just a beautiful and thought out as the rest of the wedding. But what if you’re not cake and frosting kind of people? Here’s a round-up of unique cake alternatives that will still win over you guests’ tastebuds. 


1. Macarons. These delicate french cookies are perfect for those without an intense sweet tooth. Sweet enough to satisfy without giving your guests a huge sugar rush. [image via Wedding Inspirations]

2. Seriously, who doesn’t love pie? Have your baker make a few different varieties so everyone will get the kind they love most. You’ll even be able to keep the traditional “cake cutting” if you so choose. [image via Style Me Pretty]

3. If you prefer something more savory, this cake made of cheese flies in the face of tradition. However, it is just as gorgeous as any mulit-tiered cake we’ve seen. You could even doing a pairing of cheese and wine for dessert if you’re fancy like that. [image via The Tiny Card Company]

4. Okay, you got us. This one’s cake. Naked cakes are all the rage, however, and instead of globbing on the icing, berries and powdered sugar--and a beautiful flower arrangement to boot--keep this cake on the simpler and mellower side of the sweetness scale. [image via Naomi Kenton Photography]

5. Another French dessert appropriated for your wedding day. Crepes are one of our favorite all-time sweets and a multi-tiered cake made of layer upon layer of them is a dream come true. We especially love the ruffled effect you get when they’re all stacked up like this. [image via La Bichette]

6. This waffle cake would be too cute for a Vermont wedding. Simply substitute a ceremonial syrup pouring for the cake cutting and viola, a new tradition is born. [image via Patrick Hadley Photography]

7. Yes, we had to put a donut cake on here. No one can resist a donut at the office and no one will resist one at your wedding either. [image via Tim Hortons]

8. This Italian-inspired cannoli display is certainly no cosolation prize to a cake. It could easily hold its own at any wedding with the stunning array of flowers and many tiers. [image via Bellissimo Wedding]