Round-Up: Put a Ring On It

Shopping for jewelry can be tough if you're a man, especially if it's for a wedding band you'll be wearing for the rest of your life. We've heard all the excuses on why a man doesn't want to wear a ring. . . "It's uncomfortable," "I just don't like jewelry," "It's girly," "I can't find anything I like," etc. Today we have something for the guy that, specifically, likes the outdoors, but we bet some of you other fellas can find something in here to suit your fancy, too. Here's our round-up of outdoor-inspired bands from the understated to the unique. 

1. C'mon, what's more manly than carbon fiber? Some of the best high-performance outdoor gear is made of carbon (think bike frames and ski poles) so why not a wedding band? It can even have a slight wood-grain appearance to it like this ring, which we love, or what you might think of as a standard weave pattern. [via Etsy]

2. Made of aircraft grade titanium, this band is both durable and simple in style. A wood grain pattern not only gives it a bit more interest than a plain band, but also takes away some of the shininess that men don't like about jewelry. [via Etsy]

3. This gorgeous rosewood and sterling silver ring evokes romance. Get your partner's fingerprint engraved on the inside of the band and it's like they're with you always. *Swoon* [via Etsy]

4. Set your sights on this band for a hunter. Beautifully crafted, this hammered titanium band is lined with deer antler which gives it those few extra subtle style points we love. They also make a reversed version with elk antler as an inlay on the outside of the ring. [via Etsy]

5. With titanium and Koa wood on the outside and turquoise on the inside giving it that extra bit of color pop, this band is probably the flashiest one on our menu while still remaining pretty reigned in. The turquoise lining will only be slightly visible while on the finger. [via Minter and Richter Designs]

6. This ring may look like gunmetal, but it's actually just oxidized silver. Be warned that the oxidization does rub off (at varying rates depending on your body composition and wear), but it can easily be re-oxidized using cooked egg yolks and a little bit of patience. [via Etsy]

7. We don't recommend carving your initials into an actual tree, but this ring is the next best thing. It is certainly a statement piece, but we think it has so much charm that it's just too hard to resist. [via Uncommon Goods]

8. Originally used in sword decoration, Mokume-gane is the Japanese metalworking technique that creates a distinct layered effect. This example combines 18 karat yellow gold, 14 karat palladium white gold, and sterling silver. Mokume-gane is known for its wood grain-like pattern, but we actually think it looks more like a topographic map. [via Mokume-Gane]

9. QALO has given us a ring that is pretty much purely utilitarian. It's perfect for guys who are super active. Whether it's your full-time band or just part-time--being taken off in favor of a more "official" ring in your day-to-day or out on the town--it's great for working out, hiking, etc. and any other high intensity hand use activity. [via QALO]